Interface, the worldwide leader in the manufacture of environmentally responsible modular flooring has today launched a new product category, FairWorks. In line with Mission Zero - Interface’s promise to have a zero environmental footprint by 2020 - FairWorks will draw on local materials and handicraft skills from across the globe to create products that address the social aspect of sustainability.

The culmination of four years of research and development, FairWorks is based on the ‘Sustainable Livelihoods’ business model set out by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD). Its aim is to show how global business can collaborate with local communities on initiatives that are innovative, sustainable and commercially viable - and that benefit both parties.

Commenting on the motivation behind FairWorks, Karin Laljani, Senior Vice President at Interface, said, “We had been asking ourselves difficult questions such as: can our products really be seen as beautiful unless they have social integrity too? How can local crafts survive in a global economy? And what can a large company like Interface do to help alleviate poverty on the ground? FairWorks is the first step to us finding the answers.”

FairWorks is more than a good story; it is a prime example of how business can ‘do well by doing good’, to quote Interface Inc. founder and chairman Ray Anderson.

Laljani continues, “FairWorks is about business – not aid. Our goal is to deliver products that are not only environmentally and socially responsible, but that also reflect the quality and design innovation that customers expect from Interface and actually want to buy. The feedback we have had so far has been overwhelmingly positive and we have already had a keen interest in orders for the first FairWorks product.”

Just™, the first product in the FairWorks category, will be launched in April. Designed in India, Just™ is the result of local artisans working closely with designers from Interface to create an offering that is truly unique.