Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the scientifically recognised way to determine the environmental performance of a product. It studies all the impacts throughout the life of a carpet tile: from extraction, to production of raw materials, manufacturing, transport, use, maintenance and end of life disposal.

Analysing the life cycle of every Interface product
We produce a full LCA for every product we launch. Our calculations are based on GABI 4 LCA database from PE International. The full environmental impacts of each product are assessed, not only the climate change impact, but also the total embodied energy, and the eco-toxicity.

Our product life cycle analysis work has taught us that two thirds of the overall environmental impact of a carpet tile is related to the raw materials needed to manufacture it.

The raw materials and processes needed to produce nylon yarn are the single most important source of impact, with nylon production accounting for almost half of the full life cycle impacts of a carpet tile. That’s why an important part of our strategy is focused on the following three key areas:

a) Reducing the amount of yarn we use
b) Developing yarn-to-yarn close loop recycled systems
c) Seeking bio-based alternatives to nylon yarn

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